Welcome to Glasgow Polo Club

polo pony turning

The mere mention of “polo” conjures up images of excitement and glamour. Famously referred to as “The Sport of Kings,” polo is a unique blend of intellect, horsemanship and sporting prowess. Attaining any level of competence in this exhilarating sport takes years of work and dedication.

At Glasgow Polo Club, we aim to take newcomers to the sport and work with each individual to reach their own goals, whatever they may be! Our lessons are bespoke to accommodate differing levels of competency and we strive to ensure that everyone enjoys the sport to the best of their ability. Even if you don’t want to get involved in actually playing polo, Glasgow Polo Club welcomes social members who just love horses and want to be around a new equestrian sport.

Our livery services are similarly flexible, with all levels of client involvement being catered for, from “full” to “DIY” services. Our facilities at Dunlop ensure that no matter how you want your ponies to be looked after, we can meet your expectations. The facilities themselves are also available for other equestrian sports such show jumping, dressage, etc. with our vast all weather surface a very useful facility for winter training in all disciplines.


The doors are always open, even for anyone just wanting to ask questions about the sport. We would love to see you here at Glasgow – please feel free to pop in and check out the Club; there is something happening most weekends in winter!

We look forward to welcoming you soon!