Club Introduction

Set in Ayrshire in the heart of the Scottish countryside, yet only a 25 minute drive from Glasgow City Centre, Glasgow Polo Club offers both country lovers and city slickers the opportunity to try their hand at something new!

horse box

Newly formed, Glasgow Polo Club is definitely in its infancy…but with BIG plans! The club has been founded by a rider very new to polo. Gaynor Hutton only started playing polo a couple of years ago and Glasgow Polo has been formed to offer solutions to polo newcomers, allowing them to avoid the pitfalls that Gaynor herself experienced in her own polo start up phase.

Already an accomplished rider (more about that later!), Gaynor, like most people, “fell into” polo three years ago and so is well placed to guide newcomers around the polo sector of the equestrian world.

The site at Glasgow Polo is simply an old farm that is gradually being modified to offer the facilities that Gaynor herself found she needed as her enthusiasm for her new sport developed. The club is predominantly placed to offer polo over the winter season but there are plans afoot for summer facilities. Winter, however, is an ideal time to get out into the fresh air and keep healthy by trying the increasingly popular sport of polo.

all weather polo arena

Arena polo can be compared to 5 a-side football and is played on a smaller all weather pitch rather than the huge grass pitches used during the summer. The number of players in a team also varies, three being the number in an arena team instead of the traditional four man side of the grass game.

At Glasgow, the all weather arena is an impressive facility – measuring 100m by 40m it is the designated International Size as approved by the HPA (Hurlingham Polo Association – polo’s governing body). The surface has also been tried and tested over the past two harsh Scottish winters and has stood up to the task. The unique all weather surface is kind to ponies legs but also allows the ball to run smoothly to enable good play – quite a tall order but one which Glasgow Polo has achieved. The high insulating qualities of this surface make the surface resistant to freezing while substantial investment in drainage means that the pitch is playable at all times, despite the weather that Scotland can throw at us during the colder months.

One essential training aid for any serious polo player is the wooden horse – the cheapest type of horse, many would argue! “Sultan” is well used all through the year and allows newcomers to perfect their swing without even going near a pony. As polo players develop and advance the wooden horse remains an essential part of the training regime to increase reflexes and allow the swing to be practices and improved.

Glasgow Polo Club team

Along side the specific polo aids, Glasgow Polo Club boasts solid facilities for the livery and wellbeing of ponies. Quality stabling is available as part of the full livery service offered by the club for polo ponies. In addition, barns and grazing are also available for those wishing to keep their ponies other ways. Glasgow Polo believes in tailoring our service to meet your requirements and to this end we are flexible with what we are willing to provide – we prefer to talk to people early on to ascertain what they want from every aspect of their polo.

In terms of livery we offer from an “executive” service which includes everything, right down to boot brushing!, to a much more “hands on” approach for people who want to be taught how to ultimately care for their own polo ponies. Whatever your requirements, we can match them – and hopefully even exceed your expectations!

Whatever level of polo you aspire to, at Glasgow Polo we want to make sure you have fun getting there! Although polo is a serious game and represents a big investment in both financial and time terms, we always enjoy ourselves and encourage everyone to do the same!

We are particularly keen to open up polo to those who perhaps didn’t see the sport as accessible to them before. In financial terms, polo can be played fairly cheaply relative to other equestrian sports, although there is a common misconception that polo is more expensive than other equestrian spheres. At Glasgow we work with you to achieve the very best outcome for you when considering all the relevant issues.