Barrhead Riding Club visits Glasgow Polo

by Gaynor Hutton on November 30, 2010

Barrhead Riding Club demo day at Glasgow Polo

The weekend of 20th and 21st November 2010 saw a very special visit to Glasgow Polo Club from Barrhead Riding Club – this was the riding club where Gaynor Hutton started many years ago! Ironically some of the members from then are still members today and were very welcome at Glasgow Polo!

The demonstration day covered many aspects of polo including one very important part – the ponies! Visitors were surprised to see the gentle and friendly nature of the ponies in their barns – the perception of polo is that the ponies are all super charged and never relax….the equine characters at Glasgow Polo certainly dispproved this theory!

The fact that polo ponies tend to wear big bits often leads people to think that the ponies are strong and not obedient. A demonstration from Gaynor and a pony showed flying changes, precision halts from the gallop, etc. and all with barely any contact with the mouth. This soon started the BRC members thinking – and when some of them took the opportunity to actually ride the ponies, they were convinced – the secret of good polo is obedience, precision and horsemanship! It is fair to say that all the members who visited Glasgow Polo went away with a very different understanding of polo – hopefully for the better!

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