Polo Experience Day

polo matchAt only £200 per person, this is an ideal gift for those difficult to buy for friends, our Polo Experience day aims to give an overview to the sport of polo. The structure is of course flexible to match each individual’s requirement but would usually be a 6 hour day briefly covering all aspects of the game;

  1. The riding
  2. The hitting
  3. The game and associated tactics

The day itself would take the following format;

DVD – Start with watching a dvd of an Argentinian Open Final – this is the very highest level of polo in the world, featuring 40 goal teams – this is an aggregate of the handicaps of the four players in the team and signals that each player is 10goal, the very highest handicap attainable and extremely difficult to achieve, there only being a handful of players currently holding this honour. In perspective, the highest handicap currently held by a British player is 7goal.

Riding – learn the basic controls of a polo pony which are very different to anything you have ever ridden before. Depending on ability of the rider, the aim is to make the rider comfortable at the walk and canter before even holding a polo stick to allow the rider to find their own balance in this new style of riding. Every aspect of polo riding is unique and a brief overview of all relevant aspects will be undertaken in this section of the day

wooden polo ponyHitting – to begin with, the ponies will be spared the fear of wayward sticks around their legs! This part of the day focuses on the wooden horse where beginners will try and master the art…and that’s just holding the mallet correctly! All basic shots will be demonstrated and then tried by the eager newcomers.

The second part of the hitting element of the day will be held in the all weather arena where foot mallets will be used to hone the skills learned on the wooden horse. A foot mallet is a shorter version of the full size mallet and is used on the ground, without a pony in sight! This allows new players to be confident in hitting the ball without worrying about injuring the pony!

Lunch – after working up a good appetite, players will gather for a good feed and have a chance to swap stories of their mornings! Any questions can be answered at this point.

Tactics – a workshop on the finer details of the Sport of Kings….this discussion could go on forever but will be curtailed to allow us to proceed to the highlight of the day…

Putting it together – a chance at last to try all your new skills for real. Ponies will be tacked up, bandaged and handed over to enable everyone to test just how much they have learned and how easy (or otherwise!) it is to put it all together. This insight to the various required skills of a polo player undermines the skills attached to the game and allows an appreciation of just how talented even the lower handicapped players actually are…

Rematch – at the end of the day, we hope that your “Polo Experience” has answered some questions but opened up a whole lot more! We will end the day with a coffee and a chat about how you have found the day and whether you would be interested in coming back – we would be delighted to see you again!