Glasgow Polo Club offers a full range of services for the polo player of all levels

Polo Lessons

wooden polo horseGlasgow Polo Club offers individual and group lessons and can cater not only for polo pony owners but also for anyone who wants to try the sport and needs to hire experienced polo ponies. We have all sizes (and speeds!) of ponies and newcomers will have their riding ability assessed to ensure the best possible match with suitable ponies.

You need not even have any riding experience – polo is possibly the best equestrian sport to try if you have never ridden before – somehow the concentration on hitting the ball means new riders tend to forget to worry about the riding part!

Lessons can be booked in blocks or on an ongoing basis and even before the first lesson at Glasgow Polo Club we will have a meeting with you to determine what it is you want to achieve from your polo – this discussion will evolve as you become more involved in the sport and gain an understanding of the opportunities available

Individual £50.00 per hour
Group (up to 4 people) £35.00 per hour per person

Full Polo Livery

polo pony at liveryAt Glasgow Polo Club we are fortunate to have sufficient facilities to house several full teams! We can offer various different types of livery services to ensure that your ponies are kept exactly as you want them to be.

A DIY service is available for clients who want their own ponies and want to look after them while taking advantage of the polo facilities at Glasgow. Ponies can be kept inside or outside with cover being available for when owners are on holiday, etc.

A FULL polo livery service means that all you have to do is turn up! We will produce your ponies at pre-arranged times, fit, clean and tacked up! This service means that even the busiest polo player can get out and practice as much as they want to.

Transport – when the time comes to play at away tournaments, Glasgow Polo can arrange transport to events for your ponies, again meaning all you have to do is get there yourself!


Pony Sourcing

sourcing a polo ponyAdvice is always available to match you with your perfect pony and travelling to view ponies can be organised for all over Britain. Glasgow Polo does have access to ideal beginners’ ponies but can also source more advanced ponies depending on requirements. We work closely with each individual as choosing a pony is a very personal thing and what is ideal for one client may well be a nightmare for another client – matching is the key and we will not sell you a pony unless we genuinely believe it to be suitable for you.

Facility Hire

all weather polo arenaThe facilities at Glasgow Polo are available for hire and each enquiry will be priced individually depending on various factors. Although designed for polo, the all weather surface is perfect for other equestrian sports, the size actually lending itself to be split into two or more areas for different uses at the same time.

“Pampeano” Polo Equipment

all Pampeano polo equipmentGlasgow Polo is proud to work with “Pampeano” – one of the quality suppliers of polo equipment to offer our players access to every piece of equipment the polo player could wish for. A sample selection of polo equipment is stocked at the club, with bespoke orders available at very short notice.

Glasgow Polo Club Merchandise

Ever extending, the Glasgow Polo Club range of products includes;

  • Polo Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Mugs
  • Bags

Many of our club items are designed and produced by KIBBLE – a local charity offering training and employment to young people furthest from the job market. Glasgow Polo Club donates 10% of all revenue from such items to KIBBLE as part of our ongoing charitable endeavours.